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After A Fortunate Event, Canadian Dad Wanted to Give Back By Hiring the Homeless to Work For Him...

Homelessness destroys the lives of thousands of people up and down the country, but one man is doing his bit to help those struggling in his community.

Dad-of-two Matt Lambert, from Quebec, is hiring rough sleeper to work for his painting and decorating company.

The 39-year-old set up Re:Gen Maintenance Services last year to support homeless men and women and give them skills to get back on their feet.

But it's not just about training, the firm also gives them a place to live - handyman and charity worker Matt lets the trainees live in one of his properties while they learn their trade.

He said: "I started out running a housing charity five years ago, then launched a night shelter after hearing of a woman who died on the streets in Quebec.

"But we had to work out how to release people who would be able to maintain stability after getting off the streets.

"Our trainees have right now have routine, responsibilities and the time needed to put their former chaotic lifestyle to rest."

He added: "One told me he now has real stability, a roof over his head, food and the freedom to really transform his life into what he wants it to be."

Matt also works with a tradesman who trains the staff and the money the make from decorating jobs covers their rent and living expenses.

One of the new trainees, Latvian-born Mattis, 28, was homeless and living on the streets of Quebec until Matt and Re:Gen stepped in to help him out.

He said: "I came from another city and found myself living on the streets.

"They offered me the chance to stay in the shelter and then talked to me about the training service.

"Currently I do painting and decorating and some woodwork.

"This is a really good stepping stone - time will tell, but I'm happy here.

"It feels good, it feels like I've found a light and no longer need to worry."

As the company grows Matt says he plans to employ tradesmen in multiple different fields, giving formerly-homeless trainees the choice of what they want to learn.

Matt added: "Why shouldn't everyone have equal opportunities and similar considerations?

"We're trying to make homelessness history, nobody should be left behind.

"It's about freedom, it's about equality, it's about building community."

Brilliant work, Matt.

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